staged for upsell

This condo located in the beautiful south end of Halifax with gorgeous views of the city was just oozing with potential; however a full remodel of this unit was in order. To give you a sense of what I was dealing with the entire unit was outdated. We’re talking pink and beige walls, popcorn ceilings, an old oak kitchen, old laminate, original lighting, carpet throughout the bedrooms; basically everything felt old and outdated in this place.

From the moment I walked through the space I could envision a modern transformation of this spectacular living space. Our work included a new modern kitchen being installed, new flooring throughout, new doors and trim, new paint and lighting and we fully furnished and decorated the entire condo. Oh, did I mention the dreaded popcorn ceiling – yes it went bye bye!

The best part of this project was that our client wanted a bedroom for his daughter that she would love and feel at home in.  We had so much fun creating a Scandinavian style bedroom with blue accents (her favorite colour) and incorporating a hanging chair. We thought it was so sweet that his daughter’s happiness was so important.  We think he should get best Dad of the year award!