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One of the challenges in interior design is to make your space look bigger. This is especially relevant for small apartments or for homes that have small rooms and cramped spaces. Almost everyone has at least one corner that they wish could look roomier. Creating the appearance of spaciousness is especially important if you are trying to sell your house. Home buyers are looking to get the most space possible for their budget, and rooms that look spacious and full of light will be the most appealing.

Of course, cathedral ceilings and large windows will help your home to look spacious, but you can’t do much to change whether you have those. Mirrors are the next best thing. Well placed mirrors will reflect extra light, break up cluttered space, and make rooms look larger. It’s important to place mirrors strategically. If done well though, mirrors can greatly enhance your space. Read on for tips on where to place mirrors around your home and how to use them to the greatest effect.

Mirrors amplify a room’s light
Mirrors do a great job of adding brightness to a room. Placing a mirror behind or next to a light source will reflect that light back into the room, making it appear brighter and more spacious. The darker your room looks, the more it appears to close in from the corners. Light opens the room up. This trick works around both windows and artificial lights. Across from windows, mirrors have the added benefit of doubling the room’s views. In the example below, a large mirror reflects light from the doorway back into the room, filling the entire space with natural light.


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Mirrors can brighten up corners
Especially when paired with a window or lamp, mirrors are a great way to brighten up boring corners. Corners can often be the gloomiest and most neglected part of a room. A mirror can stop them from looking cramped and reflect light back into the room. Check out the before and after pictures below of a home staging project by Staged for Upsell, and you’ll notice how mirrors add interest and charm to a previously dull corner. They also brighten up what might otherwise be a dark space by reflecting light from the two windows.

bedroom 4 before and afterPhoto: Staged for Upsell home staging project

Mirrors enhance entryways
Entryways can be a difficult space to decorate. There’s often not a lot of space to work with, and a lone table can look unintentional by itself. A mirror in the entryway creates a sense of light and spaciousness as soon as you or your guests walk into your home. Behind a piece of furniture, it adds a sense of purpose and prominence. They’re also very convenient to allow for one last look-over as you walk out the door.

entry mirror

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Large mirrors double your space
You’ve likely walked into a restaurant and only realized after sitting down that a wall of mirrors made you think it was twice its actual size. The same principle can work well in your home. A large mirror along a wall creates an illusion of space and can appear to double your space. These can work especially well in small dining areas. Placed opposite a dining table, they create balance and greatly enhance the appearance of spaciousness.

diningroom mirror

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Home buyers want the most space they can get for their money, so when selling your home look at ways to add mirrors to create the appearance of a bigger space.

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