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Military Relocation? Home staging consultations are covered!

Are you a member of the Canadian military and selling your home due to a military relocation?  If so, you probably don’t have the luxury of time on your side.  You need to sell quickly and you want top dollar for your home!

Selling a home can be a stressful situation for many people. Having a relocation date looming over your head can make it even more stressful!  Having to leave your home behind that is still not sold can be heart breaking and take stressful to another level completely!

Did you know that the National Defense and the Canadian Forces ( covers home staging consultation fees?  Home staging consultations are a reimbursable expense under section 8.2 “Sale of Principle Residence”, subsection 8.2.11 “Home Staging”.  As well home staging services can be covered as part of your relocation benefits.

What’s involved in a home staging consultation?

Home staging consultations are really beneficial to any home owner that is thinking of selling their home. As a home staging expert I have a trained set of eyes. You live in your home and you don’t even notice things anymore. As a home stager I can give you advice on de-personalizing your home, de-cluttering it, create focal points in your room, identify minor repairs that should be fixed, suggest ways that furniture can be repositioned to flow better or make better use of rooms.

I’ve worked with clients that are very hands on during the consultation and we’re moving furniture and de-cluttering during the consultation.  It’s remarkable the change that can take place in the home before I even walk out of a home two hours later.  They may still have some things to do after I leave, but the change can still be remarkable even at the end of a consultation.

As a home stager, I try to work with what you already have in your home. Sometimes we need to take a bit away – I tell many of my clients less-is-more.  Sometimes we need to add a bit of décor or furniture pieces in to really make the home look amazing.  Rather than you having to buy stuff you may not be able to use in your next home, I can offer furniture and décor rental from my warehouse inventory for rent on a monthly basis.  But the main goal is to use what you currently have!  When needed I suggest minor updates or repairs that are inexpensive but make a big impact, keeping in mind the price point of the home, who your target buyer is and return on investment!

Staging for Vacant Properties

If you’ve already moved due to a relocation and your home is vacant it is crucial that you stage it with furniture and décor.  Rooms without furniture look smaller, and most buyers have trouble envisioning how they would arrange or fit their furniture in the space.  A vacant home also lacks character and charm, and comes off feeling cold and lifeless.  I can stage your home with furniture and décor that will make it inviting and warm, and a must have for buyers.

Call or email today to book your military home staging consultation and ask about my military discount for home staging consultations:



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