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Welcome to the latest in home styling inspiration, where comfort meets chic in our living room moodboard. At Lane & Co., we believe that your living space should reflect a seamless blend of style and function. This week, we’re featuring a collection that marries modern aesthetics with classic warmth.

Our featured Heston Sofa offers deep comfort with its plush cushions and sleek design. Paired with the elegant Soren Cabinet, it becomes more than just seating; it’s a statement. The Koda Chair complements this duo with its soft, inviting form, perfect for cozy corners.

The Sereno Coffee Table stands as a centerpiece, bringing a grounded, earthy feel to the room. Overhead, the Eman 6-Light Pendant casts a warm glow, highlighting the room’s sophisticated ambiance. Side tables like the Macri Accent Table and Tide End Table offer both functionality and flair, while the Amora Table Lamp adds a touch of soft lighting.

Tying the space together is the Heritage Rug, with a pattern that speaks of timeless heritage in spa-earth tones. Pillows like the Lina Linen Pillow and Olivia Pillow Cover introduce texture and layers, and the Frankie Dark Lumbar Pillow adds a final touch of comfort.

Finally, our carefully selected artwork, including the White Floral and Lady Vintage Canvases, alongside the Florals in Bloom and Horizon pieces, infuse the room with character and conversation starters.

Explore the full collection and find your inspiration for a living space that’s as inviting as it is stylish.

Have any questions about shopping this look or adding in some new pieces to your home do not hesitate to reach out. Visit our store Lane & Co. located in Dartmouth, N.S. or online. You can send any questions via email to or connect with someone on our team on Instagram

If you are looking for extra support our amazing design team at Staged For Upsell, Halifax’s leading home decorating and home staging company would love to help you out. Connect with us today!

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