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We really feel a room is not complete until the drapes are installed.  Drapes add softness and layers in a room and put the finishing touches on a space.

How much fabric?

We are normally not concerned with whether or not drapes will be able to fully close. Where you may want to be able to close them all the way would be in a bedroom, however, most other spaces we are just dressing the windows. We love bright and sunny spaces so we love to hang drapery so it does not block any of the view or light.

When dressing a narrow window, one panel flanking both sides of the window is usually enough fullness. However, for most windows we bump the fabric up to one and a half to two panels wide depending on the set back available for the drapes to hang.  The set back is the space between the window and an adjacent window or a wall.

Note, if you DO want your curtains to fully close, then measure the width of your window, add at least 6 inches to each side and times by two for each panel.  This will allow your drapes to close but still maintain fullness.

We feel that drapery should be hung high above the window close to the ceiling. We always measure from the ground up to where we want the top of the rod to hit (if we are using rings), or where we want the top of the drapes to hit if we are using tab backs.

We really feel that drapery should be lined. Adding a lining to even store-bought drapes makes them feel specially curated for the space and gives them a custom look. Lining will add some weight to your drapes which lets them hang really nicely. Not to mention, adding a lining can help prevent your drapery fabric from sun damage, such as fading and weakening of the materials fibers.

Style of drapery

For a more sophisticated, expensive look, we like to use a white linen-blend material, lined, with a single pleat and then we hang them with black hardware and rings like in the photo below.

drapery style

Tip: we get our hardware from IKEA.  YES, believe it or not you can get this look with IKEA  hardware!

A great local source for us as well is Bellissmo and online with Tonic Living.

When styling a casual space, we will opt for hidden tabs which will still allow your drapes to hang nicely. This might be done in a rec room or just more casual home.

Rod Placement

To visually enhance the size of your window, and to maximize your room’s natural lighting, we typically place brackets 6-10 inches away from the window trim. This allows the drapery panels to hang to the sides of the window, without covering any (or much, depending on how full your panels are) of the glass. This tried and true technique will trick your eye into thinking the window is bigger than it actually is, and it won’t be blocking any of your sought-after natural lighting.

Our rule of thumb is to always place the curtain rod as high as we can above the window. This will add visual height to your room.

As noted earlier, we always hang drapes so that they are JUST ‘kissing’ the floor.


We know it can be hard to figure it all out. If you want custom drapes for your drop us an email to set up an appointment.


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