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Putting holes in the walls for your photos and art can be intimidating. Often we walk into a home of someone that has recently moved (or not so recently moved) and they have yet to hang anything on the walls. They don’t know where or how to hang them or they are waiting for someone to help out. 

Help has arrived! We’ve got you! In today’s blog we’re going to share a few tips and hacks to make sure your art and photos are hung perfectly every time.

The biggest tip that will never lead you astray is to hang the center of your photo at 57” from the floor. Now if you’re hanging something above a fireplace or cabinet… this tip may not work but in most cases it does. Many people tend to hang their pieces too high. 57” is average eye level and the center, sweet spot for your items. If you use this rule throughout your home it will add a cohesive look as well. 

Now on to hanging the photo or art. Using tape or a pencil measure up 57” from the floor then find the center of your item. Next measure the distance from the wire, holes, clips or whatever is on the back of your picture and determine the extra bit you need to calculate in to make sure the art is hung in the right spot. 

Are you still with me? 

Ok now that we know where to hang the art, it’s time to put a hole in the wall. If the item is light there is no need to use drywall anchors but if it’s heavy and you are not going into a stud you may want to consider using them.

Here are a few hacks to find where to put the nail in the wall if the clips/holes… are not right in the center of the frame (as in most cases). 

If you have holes on either side of your frame run a piece of tape across the back and mark the holes with a pen or nail. Then put this tape on your wall at the correct height and boom! Done! Perfect placement.

Another hack is to use toothpaste. Put a tiny dab of toothpaste where the hook needs to go and press the photo against the wall. 

Use a level! If you have to put in more than one nail use a level to make sure it’s nice and straight. 

If you’re hanging multiple photos or art together, like a gallery wall, hang your center photo first then work around it by hanging the other items. 

That’s it. Simple. I hope you are feeling a bit better about getting those special items on the walls. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can see what a great job you did! You got this.

If you’re looking for some new art to hang on those walls head over to our retail store Lane & Co. We have a gorgeous selection of prints in many shapes and styles for your home.

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