staged for upsell

There’s great joy in helping clients and realtors sell their homes. I often get calls from realtors that are having a hard selling their listing, or that know up front the listing really needs staging.  And other times it’s a call from the home owner directly that asks for my help.  Some home owners are savvy, and know the value upfront and hire my services, while others after not getting viewings or offers enlist my services.

A recent home owner hired me directly, their property had been listed for close to a year, had gone through several agents and at the suggestion of the realtor the home owner hired me to stage their vacant home.  I was tickled pink to hear that within a week they received multiple offers! It’s not an uncommon thing, I’ve staged many properties that after seeing no activity while unstaged, the home owner is now in the position of multiple offers…a great place to be for any home owner!! As a home stager it’s always music to my ears when a property sells within days or a week of staging, and even better when I hear multiple offers!!

I have an awesome job!


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