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Joanna Lane
Professional Home Stager and Owner of Staged for Upsell

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Thank You from your number one Halifax home staging company, Staged for Upsell, prepares your home to appeal to the buyer’s emotional response and creating a sense of must have. Staging a home for sale is a very important part of preparing your home for sale. It’s important to understand that decorating to live is much different from staging a house to sell. Decluttering, optimizing flow from room to room, creating focal points in each room are all important parts of staging a house for sale. Staging for vacant properties, military home staging, occupied home staging and showcasing, re-design for living – whatever your need Staged for Upsell provides quick, effective results at low, competitive rates.

There are many reasons for selling, such as downsizing, upgrading, selling due to a military relocation and needing to sell quickly before the new posting, or selling due to a change in family circumstances. No matter the reason we all want the same thing – to get the true value for our home and home staging can ensure that you get top dollar for your home and have it sold quickly.
Home Decorating Halifax – whether the home you are living in now, or a new home you are moving to I can offer home stylist services, colour consultation and space planning services. Re-design for living isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone – give me a call or send me an email to see how I can help you love the home you live in.
Often referred to as occupied home staging or real estate staging, this involves working with you as the home owner or your realtor to get your home ready for listing. I can help you with one room or your entire home. I will meet with you to discuss recommendations to enhance the way your home shows so buyer will love it. I will work with you to implement the recommendations whether you choose to turn over the entire project to me, or handle some of the recommendations yourself. Should the space require furniture rental and décor items a proposal can be provided for this. Home staging costs vary depending on size of home, number of rooms to be staged and scope of work.

Furniture and decor rental Halifax- The right furniture rental choices can be provided to maximize buyer’s appeal to the home. Staged for Upsell is one of the only real estate staging companies that maintains it’s own furniture and decor inventory for rental.

I also offer personal shopping services and decorating services for your existing or new home in Halifax and surrounding areas.
Professional Home Staging Services. Serving home owners in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, Waverley, Tantallon, Timberlea, Hammonds Plains, Fall River, Hubley, Nova Scotia. Want to sell you house or condo faster and for more money? Professional Home Staging is the answer!

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