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Believe it or not I actually get some people who still ask “Does home staging really work?” Yes, really even in this day and age, I still get the question sometimes! Well, here’s a great example of a property that needed staging  and professional photos (by the way – every home needs staging and professional photos!)

Online photos are almost always a buyer’s first encounter with a property. If the like what they see they’ll ask their realtor to view the property.  Or, as in many cases, the realtors are sending the listing to their client. First problem? The top photo was the online photo of the living room area.

With this property there were renters in the home when it first went on the market. This can make it tougher to sell the property – from getting good photos to having the property look presentable for viewings, or even gaining access for viewings.  Once the renters moved out, the home owner was still having trouble selling it.  Wondering why? Well first of all it was vacant. Any vacant property, no matter the price range, style of home, bells and whistles feels cold and lifeless without furniture and decor in it.  (We make them feel cozy and lived in!)

This home was also very small – approximately 900 sq. ft. and it was a 2 bedroom home!  Rooms that are vacant will look smaller than they are.  Buyers will also struggle with figuring out placement of furniture and be concerned it’s just not big enough to live in.

I fell it in love with it immediately – knowing its potential with staging and professional photography.  I knew that we could make this 900 sq. ft home look amazing, functional, and amazing.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. ps….Needless to say it sold quickly!

Need help selling your home?  Get in touch with us…we’d love to help!

After photos by Atlantic Aerialworx

Lifestyle photo by Chris and Amber Photo

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