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The cost of staging your house is less than your first price reduction, let alone your second reduction!

How much does it cost to stage a home for sale?

Home staging pricing seems to be a bit of a mystery to many people. If you google ‘how much does it cost to stage your home’, you might find numerous sites telling you it averages $5,000.  This simply isn’t true. It’s much less, at least in the Halifax market. And keep in mind, it’s less than your first price reduction, let alone your second! We have so many clients that list without staging and then turn to us because they’ve had no luck selling their home. Many are into another home, paying two mortgages. Many of these clients are ecstatic when they get offers almost immediately after staging.  We often hear “I wish we had of just staged from the beginning!”

How much does it cost to stage your home? Less than the cost of a price reduction

Vacant home staging pricing

The first month, there are two costs involved with vacant staging:

  • Staging fee $1700*: this includes the cost for delivery and pick up and complete set up.
  • Monthly Rental fee $900*: for furniture and décor rental. If the size of the home is quite large or additional rooms or rentals are required the price may go up.

*taxes extra

The large majority of our staged properties sell in less than 15 days, however, should you require an additional month of staging, only the monthly rental costs would apply.

The rooms that would be included in the above rates include the living room, dining room/kitchen (1 dining table), master bedroom, en-suite, and the main bathroom. We refer to these rooms as the ‘money rooms’. The monthly rental includes not only the furniture, but the artwork, rugs, lamps, and accessories to create a completed look.  We have Halifax’s largest home staging furniture inventory to make your home look amazing!

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