staged for upsell

The Home:
This is a project where the real estate agent chose to cover the cost for the home staging because they understood the difficulty of selling a home that is vacant.  They also felt it would make a significant impact on the impression of the home and help it sell quickly. The home was a 40-year-old split entry style home located on the outskirts of Halifax.  I received a call to do a consultation for vacant home staging.

The Challenge:
The home had some recent updates in the past year.  Interior doors and trim had been replaced on the main floor and most of the flooring had been updated with laminate.  However, even with these updates the main living room and kitchen were still in need of updating. Some of the lighting had never been updated over the years, so it was the original 1960s lighting, particularly in the kitchen. The home even had an indoor barbecue in the kitchen – I can’t say I’ve ever seen one of those before!  It was vacant of furniture other than an old love seat which needed to be removed, and an old pine table in the kitchen. Because it was vacant, it lacked warmth and character.  Without it being staged buyers would concentrate on the negatives rather than the positives of the house.  Buyers would also struggle to make an emotional connection with the home.

The Home Staging Solution:
Having my own furniture inventory I am able to stage a home in the true fashion of the home.  The home had a real mid-century feel to it, so bringing contemporary furniture into the space would just accentuate the fact that the home was outdated. I wanted to go with the feeling of the home and do mid-century modern home staging. Both the realtor and the home owners embraced the idea! vacant home staging mid-century-livingroom final vacant home staging mid-century kitchen

The Results:
Staging the home for sale made a significant difference with this house, it went from outdated, to having a really neat vibe.  Even as I brought pieces into the home during the home staging process I felt a difference in my own admiration of the home.  The end result – there was more than one offer, and the home sold in 5 days for $10,100 over listing price! It’s a buyer’s market in Halifax right now so needless to say the realtor and the home owners were extremely happy!

If you need help staging your house to sell call me today at 902.830.3170.


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