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We are well into summer here in Nova Scotia with consistent warm temperatures and lots of sun. Unfortunately summer is short lived around here so it is so important to make every sunny day count. Today on the blog we are sharing how to uplevel your outdoor space to entertain, a space to relax and to create a spot you’ll want to be every moment you get.

Let’s bring the indoors, outdoors while we can!

Before we get to the fun decorating part you’ll want to spend some time doing the not so fun part if you haven’t already. Clean up your space. Maybe the deck needs some scraping and a fresh coat of paint. I know it’s the last thing you want to do but you’ll be so glad you took the time to do this part (or if you can hire it to be done). Most decks need to be freshened up every few years.

Next up think about what you’ll be doing in this space. Are you going to be laying back and reading a book? Will you have guests in your space? Will you be eating meals outdoors? Maybe all of the above! Choose furniture for the space that will hold up to the weather, accommodate the purpose and be comfortable yet stylish. If new furniture isn’t in the books this year and you have some older pieces you are no longer loving you can freshen them up, you could spray paint them (if it is the right type of material and you’re into DIY), or simply adding new cushions go a long way to hold you over for now.

Ok, we have the space cleaned up and furniture situated. Add an outdoor rug to define the space, add texture and design. There are so many options out there. We love the indoor/outdoor rugs from our showroom in Halifax, N.S. Lane and Co. because you can use them all year round. Bring them inside for your entries and high traffic areas in the off season. The rug should be large enough for the front legs of all furniture to be on it. Same rules for outdoor as indoor. Then add a few outdoor pillows to make the space comfortable and to soften the look. Can you picture it yet? Settling into this cozy space with your morning coffee and a book, pillows, maybe a blanket. It’s starting to come together.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor pillows and rugs right now:

Multi Sand Outdoor Pillow
Yuma Sand Outdoor Pillow
Banning Sand Outdoor Pillow
Augusta Dune Outdoor Pillow
Colton Ivory/Multi Rug
Augusta Outdoor Rug

Now you can add some décor. There are many items that you use inside that can be brought outside. For example vases, trays, baskets, some plants (or choose faux plants for no fuss). You can have a lot of fun with this part, incorporating your style and making the space special. These products may need to be brought in when the weather is not great but it will be worth it to bring them back and forth.

Our final and favorite way to uplevel your summer space is with lighting! Candles, string lights, a fire place, lanterns, patio heaters… There are so many simple ways to add warmth and set a lovely mood with lighting. Your outdoor fun does not have to end when the sun goes down. Keep it going with this perfect addition.

We would love to see how you’ve implemented these tips to your outdoor space. Be sure to follow and tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see and share your photos!

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