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Why stage?

Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Home 

Selling your house or thinking of putting it on the market sometime soon?  Concerned you won’t get the true value for your home?  You’re not alone – it’s a common and very stressful concern when selling a home.  Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, moving due to a military relocation, or selling due to a change in family circumstances staging staging a home for sale you ensure your home shows well and stands out amongst other real estate listings.  It’s a small investment that can garnish you top dollar for your home. Below are the top 10 reasons to stage your home as also illustrated in my infographic.

1. You Will Make Money

The average home staging investment is generally less than 1% of the homes asking price, and on average generates a return of 3-10%!

2. Sell Your Home Faster

A National Association of Realtors survey found that the longer a home sits on the market, the further below list price it drops. Homes that sold in 4-6 weeks averaged 5% less and homes that sold in 13-24 weeks averaged 6.4% less than list price.

3. Staged homes sell for more!

Staged homes sell for 3-10% above asking price on average.

4. Staging is cheaper than a price reduction!

NAR reports the average price reduction is 5-10% of the list price. The cost to stage a home is a fraction of the average price reduction.

5. Most Home Sellers Cannot View Their Home Objectively

Most prospective buyers struggle to see past a homes clutter and see it’s full potential. Having your home staged allows buyers to picture themselves living in your move-in ready, inviting home. By staging a home for sale you create a lifestyle that a buyer wants to buy into.

6. Your Online Listing Will Stand-out Amongst The Competition

Over 90% of buyers are searching for homes online MLS before viewing homes in person, or not viewing them because they didn’t like what they saw on-line. Stand out amongst the competition and have buyers wanting to view your home after seeing photos of your beautifully staged rooms.

7. Only 10% of Homebuyers Have the Ability to Visualize the Potential in a Home

Home buyers struggle to visualize beyond what they see, like a paint color, décor, needed repairs, awkward room layouts and clutter. This is why staging is so important! Don’t leave it up to the buyer’s imagination…show them the lifestyle your home offers.  Take the focus off the little imperfections by having them focus on the decor.

8. The Longer Your House Sits on the Market, The Lower the Price Will Be!

A survey by NAR found that homes that sold within the first 4 weeks sold for more than those that sold after 4 weeks on the market. The cost of staging a house for sale will always be less than your first price reduction so have your home staged before you list it!

9. Competition is stiff!

Competition is stiff and buyers have high expectations, as well as many choices. Successful realtors know that the key to competing is marketing and professional home staging because it helps drive buyer traffic to the home and turns prospects into buyers.

10. Selling your home will be easier

Selling a home is stressful! Contact me to learn the most important enhancements you can make that are within your budget to affect a quick sale of your most valuable commodity and for top dollar! You can make the changes or I can help you!

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