2020 Spring QE2 Lottery Dream Home

We’re so excited to have just wrapped up the interior design and decorating on the Spring QE2 Lottery Dream Home with Stonewater Homes again! This beauty is nestled on Kinsac Lake in Fall River.

The home opens for viewings Feburary 29th and is awarded fully furnished to a lucky ticket holder.  Tickets are $100 and all proceeds go the QE2 Foundation. Visit QE2 Home Lottery to purchase your ticket in advance or tickets can be purchased onsite.

Feb 29th onward:
Weekdays: Noon – 6:00 pm
Weekends & Holidays: Noon – 5:00 pm

430 Heddas Way, Fall River





DIY Stair Runner

Runners are back in, and we love how they can transform a stairwell.  However, if you’ve ever priced out a runner you know they can be pretty expensive.  And then the cost of install…ughh.

Good news is there is an affordable option.  You can purchase a set of runners and lay them one after another.   They are very easy to install, and something you can do within an hour. I’ll walk you through how I did this runner and where you can purchase them.

Before and after DIY stair runner

Tools you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Pneumatic staple gun
  • Staples

Step 1 – Determine the size of the runners you need

First thing you need to do is measure the width of your stair tread.  You will want to leave approximately 4 inches or so on either side. You will want to buy a runner as close to this width as possible.

Then measure from the bottom of the first stair tread to under the nose of the stair tread and to the back of the next riser.  Then times this by the number of stair treads.  This is the total length you will need to cover.

How do I measure for a stair runner

Step 2 – Laying the Stair Runner

Lay the first runner out on the first tread so it is evenly spaced between the stair tread. Double check your measurements on both sides to make sure it is evenly spaced between the stair tread.

Measuring for a DIY stair runner


Then wrap it tightly around the nose of the tread and wrap it to the bottom of the trim along the first stair tread.  Use a pneumatic stapler and place your first staple along the bottom and continue to staple it along the bottom.

Installing a stair runner DIY

Your next spot to staple will be tight under the first stair tread nose.

How to install a stair runner

And then at the back of the first tread into the second stair riser.

How to install a stair runner yourself


Continue until you are getting close to running out of your first runner.

DIY stair runner installation yourself

This is where you are going to stop and cut your first runner.  Hold it flat and tight up under the nose of the tread and make a mark where you are going to cut the runner.  I left enough room for the edging of the next runner to be tucked very neatly into place. Staple it in place after cutting off the excess.

How to install a stair runner yourself

Start your next runner under the nose of the tread lining up the edges of the runner below it.  Staple it in place and keep going until you are done!

After photo of a DIY stair runner


Tip:  Use some caulking along the edges of the treads to clean it up nicely when you are done.

Where to buy the runner:

Runners come in different sizes, and for this one we needed three to run the entire length. I find Wayfair has lots of options.  Click here to buy  this runner.


  • Apply a fresh coat of paint first.
  • Use some caulking along the edges of the treads to clean it up nicely when you are done.
  • Order a bit longer than what you need as there will be some wastage.

Click here to check out another mix and match runner installed at another clients!

Drapery 101

We really feel a room is not complete until the drapes are installed.  Drapes add softness and layers in a room and put the finishing touches on a space.

How much fabric?

We are normally not concerned with whether or not drapes will be able to fully close. Where you may want to be able to close them all the way would be in a bedroom, however, most other spaces we are just dressing the windows. We love bright and sunny spaces so we love to hang drapery so it does not block any of the view or light.

When dressing a narrow window, one panel flanking both sides of the window is usually enough fullness. However, for most windows we bump the fabric up to one and a half to two panels wide depending on the set back available for the drapes to hang.  The set back is the space between the window and an adjacent window or a wall.

Note, if you DO want your curtains to fully close, then measure the width of your window, add at least 6 inches to each side and times by two for each panel.  This will allow your drapes to close but still maintain fullness.

We feel that drapery should be hung high above the window close to the ceiling. We always measure from the ground up to where we want the top of the rod to hit (if we are using rings), or where we want the top of the drapes to hit if we are using tab backs.

We really feel that drapery should be lined. Adding a lining to even store-bought drapes makes them feel specially curated for the space and gives them a custom look. Lining will add some weight to your drapes which lets them hang really nicely. Not to mention, adding a lining can help prevent your drapery fabric from sun damage, such as fading and weakening of the materials fibers.

Style of drapery

For a more sophisticated, expensive look, we like to use a white linen-blend material, lined, with a single pleat and then we hang them with black hardware and rings like in the photo below.

drapery style

Tip: we get our hardware from IKEA.  YES, believe it or not you can get this look with IKEA  hardware!

A great local source for us as well is Bellissmo and online with Tonic Living.

When styling a casual space, we will opt for hidden tabs which will still allow your drapes to hang nicely. This might be done in a rec room or just more casual home.

Rod Placement

To visually enhance the size of your window, and to maximize your room’s natural lighting, we typically place brackets 6-10 inches away from the window trim. This allows the drapery panels to hang to the sides of the window, without covering any (or much, depending on how full your panels are) of the glass. This tried and true technique will trick your eye into thinking the window is bigger than it actually is, and it won’t be blocking any of your sought-after natural lighting.

Our rule of thumb is to always place the curtain rod as high as we can above the window. This will add visual height to your room.

As noted earlier, we always hang drapes so that they are JUST ‘kissing’ the floor.


We know it can be hard to figure it all out. If you want custom drapes for your drop us an email to set up an appointment.


An updated living space with soft earth tones

For this project our clients were moving to Halifax and would be working in Halifax, but then travelling for months for work as well.  Therefore their home would be used as an airbnb while they were travelling.  We wanted to give them a space that they could enjoy themselves, but would appeal to airbnb renters as well.

We went with soft earth tones, lots of texture, and of course some wicker and we love how it turned out! Here are a few of our favorite photos.

We’re in love with the sectional from Article.com with it’s thin arms and tapered legs.  It’s not our first time using it and we have to say we love the quality as well!

For our pillows we selected warm earth tones again and added in some blue that we pulled out of the area rug.

We love to add tons of plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb there are some great fake plants available now.  And of course we need some macrame thrown in there.

And check out those mix and match stair runners we incorporated from Wayfair!

Living room wicker chairs

livingroom orange tones

Mix and match stair runner

honeycomb shelf

How to get the look:

Sectional:  Burrard Sofa from Article.com
Rug: Roehel area rug from Wayfair.
Media unit:  Besta from Ikea (comes in different configuration and colours)
Side chairs:  Papasan chairs from Wayfair
Coffee table:  Rattan coffee table from Wayfair
Honeycomb shelves:  Made locally by DC Woodworks, find a DIY here compliments of A Beautiful Mess blog

Runners were a combo of three from Wayfair for a mix and match look:

Runner 1, Runner 2, Runner 3

Heat pumps spread warmth throughout the home

This is one of my favorite spaces in our home. This is our family room that is open to our kitchen and at the other end of the house from our main living room / dining room area.  There use to be an old fireplace in this room. I had no desire to maintain the old fireplace, deal with dirty wood being brought in all the time, or the nuisance of ‘making a fire’ so when we renovated the room, we tore it back to the fire box and capped and sealed it.

heat pump efficiency throughout the home

What about heating you ask? Let’s face it most real wood burning fireplaces actually suck the heat out of your house. And I wasn’t concerned about it being a heat source as we have a heat pump on this floor (a mini split one all three floors). It’s at the other end of the house but it’s strategically located to blow straight down both sides of the main floor. The one on this floor is our most powerful one at 18,000 BTU and it works like magic even at this end of the house. This end is maybe one to two degrees less than our main living room/dining room space where the heat pump is located.

Since heat wasn’t an important factor (thanks to our heat pumps), we tore down the ugly old fireplace and created our faux fireplace in its place. Yes, we thought about installing an electric fireplace but I figured we didn’t need it as a heat source so why spend the money on one? And honestly, I liked this look better! I wanted it to feel somewhat authentic though so I insisted that we would keep some of the dust and charred wood bits on the bottom.  So truth be told – the bottom of the firebox never gets cleaned.  And we joke and say our ‘fireplace channel’ is the lake out the window that is always moving (except when it freezes over). We’d never consider living without heat pumps now. We love the even, economical heating during the colder times and let’s not forget the air conditioning setting for the summer – BONUS!

To learn more about heat pumps and NS Power’s heat pump financing program click here.

fireplace design black


Worried a heat pump will cramp your home style – don’t fret

Let’s talk about this thing on the wall. Bet you thought I was talking about the wall baskets, but I’m not. You likely didn’t notice it – I’m talking about the heat pump in my living room. We were spending a fortune on oil heating, and after much researching by my fiancé on alternative heat sources, we decided on mini-split heat pumps so we could use different settings on each floor.To be honest we were a bit unsure of the location of the heat pump on our main floor at first. Here’s the thing – during a reno or new build people can get hung up on something visual when they are focusing on just that one item. I see clients do it all the time. When the room is not furnished or decorated, it’s easy to think that a heat pump won’t blend in with your home’s décor.

The way I see it – it’s not a lot different than an appliance in your kitchen. In fact it’s way more discrete than that. I’ve never shared a photo of a project and had someone comment about a heat pump in the room. I think most people would agree it really just fades into the background. So, if you’re contemplating getting one but are hesitant because you don’t want to notice it on a wall, I’d say don’t worry about it. And with white walls (my favorite colour!) it will blend in really well! Your pocket book will thank you too!

Want to learn more the benefits of heat pumps and NSPI’s financing program – click here.

Styled Wedding in Nova Scotia

If you’ve been looking for a wedding venue near Halifax, NS then look no further! Harbour Mist is a French inspired chateau that will take your breath away.  It’s simply stunning from top to bottom and has  192 feet of private oceanfront.

We recently collaborated with a team of creatives to do a styled wedding shoot at this luxurious venue.  Below are the gorgeous photos by Heather Durham

Antique settee wedding rental

wedding furniture rental Halifax, Nova Scotia

Details - Nova Scotia wedding shoot

Wedding dress styled shoot

wedding shoot details

French Chateau styled venue Nova Scotia wedding

Wedding stationery inspiration - wedding shoot

Coastal wedding - Nova Scotia styled wedding shoot

coastal Nova Scotia wedding shoot

A wedding here would be nothing short of a dream!

Amazing creative team:

Photographer + Creative Direction: Heather Durham Photography
Styling & Rentals:  Staged For Upsell
Floral & Event Design: Thorne and Thistle Designs
+ Local Flower Farmer + Floral Design Assistant: Barefoot Blooms
Rentals + Props + Styling: Staged For Upsell – Home Stagers & Redesigners
Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier Ivory & White
Bridesmaids Dress: @amsale from Bella Bridesmaids
Hair + Make Up: Kerri Bunn
Talent: City Models
Models: maggiesutherland.citymodels + kylehynick
Venue Location: Harbour Mist, Hubbards
Venue Inquiries: Oversea
Estate Rings: waltonsjewelry
Custom Invitation + Calligraphy: Silt & Pine
Vow Book: elmopaperstories
Calligraphy on Labels: Gracefully Made Art
Silk Ribbon: cocoonsilkribbo

Sandy & Allen’s Wedding

We had the pleasure of styling a gorgeous wedding for an amazing couple – Sandy and Allen.

wedding furniture halifax wedding stylist

Their big day was  held at the Halifax Seaport Market in downtown Halifax.  We had an amazing team of vendors that worked with us for pipe and drape, harvest tables, the large floral chandelier, the love letters, the gorgeous floral and on and on.  We brought in two lounge areas and other larger pieces such as the cake table, and guest signing/gift table.

Getting married and looking to create an amazing venue? We’d love to help!

Amanda & John’s wedding day

Sharing some photos we took of a recent set up for our wonderful clients Amanda and John who were married in the gorgeous Farm at South Cove.

Wedding furniture rental Halifax

We set up three lounge areas in this beautiful barn venue.  Two lounge areas were set up next to each other near the dance floor, with another more masculine lounge area in the loft area.  We pulled from our extensive wedding furniture inventory that includes rugs and pillow inventory to complete the spaces.

If you are looking for wedding furniture that is unique and will take your wedding venue to the next level give us a call or send us an email.  View our amazing pieces by clicking here.  We’d be honoured to help make your day amazing!

2019 QEII Lottery Dream Home

We had the privilege of working again this year with Stonewater Homes to complete the interior design and decorating of the spring QEII Lottery Dream Home.

lake house interior design


This gorgeous 4,000+ sq ft home is located in beautiful Indigo Shores.  See below for photos of the home, or visit it in person at 570 McCabe Lake Drive.

Ticket sales support the QEII Health Sciences Centre – visit  www.qe2homelottery.com to buy tickets or get information on the hours the home is open for viewing.

Interior photos by Atlantic Aerialworx.