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When you’re selling your house, your goal is to make it look as good as possible and help potential buyers envision themselves living there. It can be a long process of disassociating yourself from your home and opening it up to new owners. One of the most essential steps in this process is decluttering: removing excess furniture and belongings from your house to neutralize the style and make it appear more spacious.

Getting rid of clutter is a key part of staging your home. The typical home can benefit from having at least 30% of what currently is in the home removed.  In particular, make sure to pack up media (CDs, DVDs, video games), knick-knacks, collectibles, personal photos, etc. To you, these items may add character to your home. But they speak to your personality, not to the personality of a prospective buyer. Try to take out all of the items that are strongly personal. When showing your home, you want it to appeal to as many people as possible.

You should also look to remove items in storage spaces, such as closets and drawers. Buyers love storage and will want to look into every corner. The emptier drawers and closets are, the bigger they will look. The same idea applies to rooms. Having just the right amount of furniture in a room will make rooms appear more spacious.

Removing excess furniture, possessions, and storage items will also help you in the packing process, better preparing you to move into your own new home. Of course, you’ll need someplace to put all of the items you’re moving out of your house. A storage container can be a great solution to move both big and small items from your property as you prepare to sell your house. Storage containers can fit all of your items, even the largest furniture.  PODS is a great storage solution for preparing your home for sale.  You order the PODS container and it’s delivered to your home, and you can work on moving items into the container yourself as you make decisions.  There is no time pressure, you can take your time to move your stuff in and once you have any excess furniture and household items in the container you simply call PODS to have it removed and stored in their heated and secure warehouse while your home is on the market.  As a home stager, I highly recommend that if you choose to use PODS, that you also have them remove it and store it for you.  A large PODS container in your driveway may lead buyers to assume that your home doesn’t have sufficient storage.

If you need some advice, you can seek guidance from a professional home stager. With a home staging consultation, a home stager can show you how best to show your home for sale. This includes decluttering your space, removing excess furniture for optimal flow, choosing focal points to highlight the strengths of your house, adding décor that enhances the space and other services. A home staging consultation can ensure that you are showing your home in the best possible light.

Live locally in Halifax?  Rob O’Brien, President of PODS Halifax shows you how easy moving and storage can be!  Click here to visit them on Facebook or click here to visit their website for more information or to start a quote.

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