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Welcome to our latest creation: a living room mood board that inspires elegance and comfort. Designed by Jessica Bourque, this vision brings together a harmonious blend of modern and rustic elements, perfect for any home.

At the heart of this design is a cozy sofa adorned with a mix of textured pillows, creating a welcoming and relaxing seating area. Flanked by stylish armchairs and a chic ottoman, the seating arrangement is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A statement bookshelf not only offers ample storage but also serves as a beautiful display for your favorite decor items. The floor lamp and hanging chandelier add layers of lighting, enhancing the room’s warmth and inviting ambiance.

Finishing touches like the woven basket, artful vase, and lush indoor plant bring natural elements indoors, making the space feel alive and vibrant. The artwork on the wall adds a serene focal point, tying together the room’s color palette.

Join us as we explore each element of this mood board, and get inspired to create a living room that’s both stylish and comfortable.

Shop the Look:

Have any questions about shopping this look or adding in some new pieces to your home do not hesitate to reach out. Visit our store Lane & Co. located in Dartmouth, N.S. or online. You can send any questions via email to or connect with someone on our team on Instagram.

If you are looking for extra support our amazing design team at Staged For Upsell, Halifax’s leading home decorating and home staging company would love to help you out. Connect with us today!

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